What are Cardano Fighters?

Cardano Fighters are chibi anime styled CNFTs (Cardano Non-Fungible Tokens). They are 5,000 CNFTs made up of different combinations of different characters, different powers and equipments. Some duplicate can be found but the  best part is they can become unique once you reborn as an NFT yourself as these fighters will now have your own head animated Cardano Fighters style!


- To go beyond simple acquisition of rare CNFTs.

- To have even the most common CNFT in a series profitable, tradable and most specially in demand.

- To have a community constantly trading Cardano Fighters.

- To have a constant connection between creator and the community even after the project presale sells out.

- To make the community become a part of the project

- To provide a personal touch for collectors making them a part of the Cardano Fighters.

- To create a community in the CNFT space potentially getting new users in the CNFT market.


What motivated me to pursue the Cardano Fighters Project?

As a CNFT trader myself, I have tried to buy some of the early CNFTs in the Cardano Ecosystem and unfortunately, I wasnt any lucky at all in obtaining rare NFTs in a 10,000/10,000 set. Along with the vast majority, I have always been getting common ones. Trading or selling a common CNFT is not easy. Everyone is so fixated on getting the "rarest" one out of 10,000 pcs. People who have common CNFTs gets left out in the market. They miss out on the joy and the experience of trading, selling and being a part of the CNFT market. They are the sole reason why I want to pursue this project. Being one of them was my motivation in creating Cardano Fighters.


How does Cardano Fighters work and what sets it apart from the other CNFTs?

Aside from being collectibles, you can become a fighter yourself in the Cardano Fighter universe! Our project will also enable  2 buyers to get a physical item that corresponds to a particular Cardano Fighter.