How will you keep minting and burning CNFTs?

My policy will have a limited expiry to allow me to keep doing this. After that no more minting and burning can be done.

How can the most common Cardano Fighter be profitable/tradable and most specially in demand?

2 fighters are needed to be sacrificed. This means that the most common fighter will always be wanted in order to easily complete the required 2 fighters to be used as sacrifice for a new fighter to arise. As new fighters are born in the Cardano Fighter universe, the number of fighters decreases from the original 5,000 amount, therefore making it more valuable the further it decreases in total number.

Will there ever be more than 5,000?

No, as mentioned above it will be the opposite, number of Cardano Fighters will actually become less and less the more fighters gets sacrificed and reborn.

How many times can 1 user reborn themselves?

As many as you want. You can even reborn a fighter for someone else. If you want to have your loved one or a special someone be a Cardano Fighter alongside yourself, you are free to do so given that you have met the pre requisites (2 different Fighter Classes).

What happens to to the rarity % when fighters are burnt?

Rarity of fighters and weapons/super powers will be initially set by the creator, but as more fighters gets burnt, so does the powers (traits) attached to it. In this case, rarity % will be constantly changing depending on how the market reacts.

Can we use an existing anime/cartoon character/ celebrities face to be reborn as a Cardano fighter? No, sorry. Unless you are the celebrity yourself.

What does the stars stand for on the lower left side of the card?

These stands for the rarity of the Fighter Class ONLY. This does NOT account for the rarity of the weapons/super powers they have. Rarity ranges from 1 star to 10 stars

Can a reborn fighter be sacrificed again?


I wear glasses in real life, will I get redrawn with glasses automatically?

No, as glasses are part of our metadata, you would have to find a fighter with glasses if you want to be reborn with 1.

I dont want to be drawn but want to be reborned as a fighter..can i just tell you what type of face and skin colour i would like as I just want a Cardano Fighter avatar/ an NFT avatar..?

YES that is absolutely fine with us. We respect everyone's privacy. Being reborn also lets you customize the card and add your name/social media handle/SPO Ticker in the card Think of Cardano Fighters as your avatar, we can always custom made a face for you as long as its for a human class fighter.