How To Play Our Cardano Fighters Game (Alpha Stage)

  • You need a Cardano Fighter CNFT in your NAMI WALLET. If you haven’t got one yet they are available in and just search using our policy ID: 6262bf5e4444415eb579212d67c071db9449f0059251019d06be25d0

  • Head over to and link your NAMI wallet then press Connect and Play

  • Pick a character you want to use to fight

  • The game will load a random enemy from the block chain


Game Mechanics

2 Fighters will battle it out until one Fighter’s HP reaches zero. There are 5 different actions you can choose from:

Weapon attack, elemental attack, and defend are only useable 10 times per match .

Counter and Special attack are useable every time you win 3 rounds. These images below show which action wins over the other:
















Fighter Power

The following affects a Fighter’s strength/ power:

  • Number of items equipped which can be seen on the character selection screen

  • Character Class rarity (ranging from 1 star to 10 stars)


Play To Earn

The goal is to have in game tokens earned in the game, but during the early stages, tournaments will be held often with $ADA and $FIG tokens as rewards.


$FIG tokens can also be earned by topping the leader boards.